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Transportation Vehicles

Our Transportation Vehicles

ADH Perth has a number of electric, petrol and solar-assisted transport vehicles for all your general transportation needs. These maneuverable buggies are ideal for use in hotels, holiday resorts, aged care facilities, theme parks, and airports – or anywhere where you need to get lots of people from A to B where a car may not be available or suitable for the environment.

The Benefits of our Products

These transportation vehicles are best suited to environments where people need to be transported quickly and safely – for example; in between airport terminals or around retirement villages and the like. Dependent upon the make and model, they are available in petrol or electric variants. Additionally, all of our products are subject to our after-sales commitment where we will continue to care for your vehicle and help you with repairs, maintenance and spare parts for as long as you require.

Our Range

EMC Vantage 4 Seat Transport

EMC Vantage 6 Seat Transporter

Club Car Villager 4
This buggy seats four and offers safety, comfort and durability.

Club Car Transporter
This vehicle can seat four people and also carry up to 136kg of luggage or gear. It can be specially configured to meet your needs and is also available in six and eight seat variants.

Club Car Villager 6
This six-seater buggy has the added optional flexibility of a fold-down rear seat for additional cargo space.

Club Car Villager 8
This eight-seater will get your guests where they need to be in style, comfort and safety.

ADH Golf & Utility Vehicles are located in Perth and can provide a range of transportation solutions for any commercial needs you may have. Contact us or call 08 6500 3756 for more information.

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